Ermetix 3.9.5 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 3.9.5 now is live. New Dashboard design We have updated the dashboard with a new fresh design. We are working to make additional improvements in next releases including contextual info stats and customizable widgets. Knox integration … Read More

Ermetix 3.9.4 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 3.9.4 now is live. Devices list Devices list has new improvements: Green circle: it indicates a device that seams to be active, which means that it have communicated with the server in the last 6 solar … Read More

Ermetix 3.9.3 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 3.9.3 now is live. Ermetix Wiki The new Wiki is now online with technical docs of Ermetix. Inside the Wiki are available guides, Q&A, examples and references to Apple’s and Android’s Knowledge Bases. Wiki is integrated … Read More

Ermetix 3.9.2 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 3.9.2 now is live. Search APK with Play Store’s URL Now it is possible to use directly the Play Store url to search APKs. This feature works either in the text field of “Install APK” action … Read More

Ermetix 3.9.1 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 3.9.1 now is live.This update includes: an hotfix on the “View Screen” action could conflict with the “Allow screenshots and screen recordings” restriction; optimizations like the one of users / devices lists, that now are faster … Read More


One of the common business challenges is to simplify the life of the employees, adopting one or more Single Sign On solutions. What is Single Sign On (SSO)? Single Sign On is a solution that let to use a unique … Read More

Ermetix 3.9 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 3.9 now is live.This update includes optimizations, hotfixes, an improved Support page and new important features including iOS 14, iPadOS14, tvOS 14 and Android 11 day-zero compatibility. Single Sign-On (SSO) Ermetix UEM 3.9 allows admins to … Read More


In Android Enterprise Partner summit 2020 have announced support for zero-touch provisioning starting from Android Pie (9) devices, preview coming in September 2020. Zero-touch is a very usefull feature in Android Enterprise. In effect, zero-touch configuration is the modern method … Read More


Google has released developer previews for Android 11 and will push the final release on 10th September 2020. What’s new in Android 11? New Android Enterprise features on Android 11 could be find here. For all Android app developers, more … Read More


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