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What types of devices can you manage with Ermetix?

Managing your fleet of devices doesn’t have to be complicated.

With Ermetix, in fact, IT managers no longer need to manage and protect mobile devices with different platforms for each of their needs.

Today thanks to Ermetix and its approach of “with one another”, staff can use a personal smartphone, a shared tablet and a device provided by the company, each with a form factor and a different operating system, all manageable and protected, uniformly from a single platform.

Ermetix can in fact manage and protect devices such as: IFPs, Tablets, Smartphones, Notebooks, desktop PCs and other “rugged” devices in a centralized and homogeneous way, thus ensuring secure access, reducing risk and offering the end user a satisfying experience, helping to build a zero trust strategy.

Compatible devices

Interactive Flat Panels

Management of interactive flat panels or Android TVs with distribution of settings, restrictions, apps and contents

Mobile devices (COBO, BYOD, COPE)

Management of EMM scenarios with user profile distribution, apps, contents and policies on corporate devices.

tablet windows con tastiera

Windows devices

Management of all devices, portable and non portable with Windows 10 (or superior) operating system

Single-Purpose Devices

Management of COSU (corporate owned single use), industrial – rugged devices, warehouse terminals etc.

Digital Signage

Management of IFPs and tablets, based on Android, iOS, Windows, and related content distribution

Room Booking

Where the availability of the meeting rooms of a company, a hotel or a conference center is displayed on an Android terminal, Ermetix allows the IT administrator to always have under control the status of the devices associated with the different rooms.

Android Custom ROM device management

Ermetix allows you to manage devices with an Android Custom ROM operating system (Android distribution without the Google Mobile Services or Google Play).
This series includes, for example, Large Format Displays for digital signage, Interactive Flat Panels for education, information monitors for retail, tablets for the management of orders in the Horeca sector, rugged devices for industry etc.
We also remind you that each manufacturer imposes specific limits on the operating system and hardware: we therefore reserve the right to check the compatibility of Ermetix’s features with the customer’s device on a case-by-case basis.

Note: the available features of Ermetix may vary depending on the version of the operating system.
The minimum supported versions are iOS 9.3 for Apple devices, Lollipop for Android and Windows 10 for devices with Microsoft operating system