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In which scenarios can you effectively use Ermetix?

Wherever there are devices with a mobile operating system, Ermetix becomes an indispensable work partner to manage your Organization in a uniform, safe and organized way: from offices to the warehouse, through the construction site, the production plant or the hospitality sector and catering, there is no limit to the possible application scenarios.

Android For Work ed Apple Business - Ermetix MDM

Enterprise Mobility Management

Whether it’s managing the company’s mobile devices or BYOD, Ermetix is the perfect solution for an EMM scenario in which updates, policies related to user profiles, localization, monitoring of the use of the Apps and the traffic is managed remotely and in a uniform manner.

Gestione del magazzino

Warehouse management

When the logistics go through the use of mobile devices – from the tablet to the gun for reading barcodes based on Android – Ermetix provides the indispensable basis for the correct administration of updates, apps and device functionalities.

Android For Work ed Apple Business - Ermetix MDM


In the industrial sector – from the workshop to the assembly line passing through the construction site – the presence of ‘rugged’ devices, characterized by a high degree of resistance to shocks, dust and water and a dedicated Android based operating system It is a constant. Ermetix allows these particularly robust devices to be managed centrally.”

Gestione Token e Kiosk

Totem and Kiosk management

Totems and kiosks with an Android heart can be found everywhere: hotels, wellness centers, companies, convention centers … Thanks to Ermetix it is possible to manage them remotely by massively distributing Apps, contents, configurations and updates, even on the basis of scheduling preset by the IT administrator.



In the HoReCa sector, whether the device is used by the staff or by the customer, Ermetix guarantees maximum safety and stability of operation since it can, for example, block an App in the foreground making it impossible to access the other functions of the tablet.



From retail to the airport hub, from the mall to fast food, Android-based large-format digital signage displays find in Ermetix the perfect solution for monitoring operation, distribution and scheduling of content.

Android For Work ed Apple Business - Ermetix MDM

Clinics and medical studies

In hospital wards, as in medical and dental surgeries, tablets are a precious resource for medical and nursing personnel, since they always allow the medical records of tens or hundreds of patients to be immediately available. Ermetix is the ideal solution for a context of this kind, since it can block devices only on Apps managed by the healthcare organization.