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Ermetix is a unique UEM, which allows you to administer devices on three different levels: the IT administrator will set the general rules of the Institute that will be applied according to school hours, Teachers will control students’ devices in real time in the classroom, families will set restrictions and time of use of devices at home.

Ermetix MDM - software E-learning

At school: admin panel

The admin panel allows you to control all the devices that enter and leave the school, be they smartphones or tablets, each associated with its owner. The school can define ‘profiles’ of the Institute, class, group or even individual, which include various levels of restriction, distributing Apps and teaching materials with the relevant licenses. For example, it is possible to make sure that within the school hours, or under the school WiFi, or even within the school area, the apps not related to teaching are hidden from the students’ devices and are no longer accessible, nor downloadable from the Stores.

In the classroom: teaching apps

The Educational Apps are exclusive to Ermetix: the teacher can control in real time the devices, for example by fixing an app in the foreground, applying whitelists of accessible sites or blocking completely the devices of the class, groups or individual students, or even creating a custom repository of Apps, ebooks and content.
Ermetix offers a double benefit: blocks in advance inappropriate or unlawful use of devices in schools, and at the same time creates the appropriate context for a conscious, profitable and safe use of such tools.

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School integrations

Google Workspace (GSuite)

GSuite for Education

Synchronize the accounts of your Google Workspace domain (GSuite for Education), access services, configure your devices more easily, and import users and organizational units.

Google Classroom

Thanks to the integration with Google Classroom, it is possible to import students-teachers-classes from Google Classroom, simplifying communication between teachers and students.

Apple School Manager

Apple Classroom

Microsoft Education