In Android Enterprise Partner summit 2020 have announced support for zero-touch provisioning starting from Android Pie (9) devices, preview coming in September 2020.

Zero-touch is a very usefull feature in Android Enterprise.

In effect, zero-touch configuration is the modern method to easily and fast deploy whole fleets of Android devices, eliminating waste of time.

What’s new in 2020 zero-touch?

Thanks to a Google Services update during the Startup wizard, all the current devices running Android 9 will support zero-touch provisioning.

Zero-Touch on an Android 9 device

Since the start of the collaboration between Knox Platform and Android Enterprise, we have seen a lot of cooperation between Samsung an Google, to bring better Android support into the enterprises.

Samsung launched Knox Mobile Enrollment before zero-touch service powered by Google. After years, finally, Samsung devices will be configured in either ways, giving priority to KME provisioning.

Zero-Touch on a Samsung device

Later this year, Android zero-touch portal will be updated too with a new integration for EMM consoles.

From the EMM consoles, with a simple click an admin will be able to import the Android zero-touch configuration automatically and assign that to all devices.

More info are available here.

Ermetix UEM is an EMM validated by Google and Samsung Knox, it supports:

  • zero-touch enrollment
  • Android versions 5 to 11
  • Full Device Management
  • Work Profile Management
  • Dedicated (Single Purpose) Device Management (COSU)
  • Corporate-Owned-Personally-Enabled (COPE) Management
  • OEM Device Management (without Google Play Services)



  1. Use a solution like Ermetix MDM that offers Android Enterprise support

  2. Ask zero-touch reseller to add device to the zt portal