Ermetix 3.9.3 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 3.9.3 now is live.

Ermetix Wiki

The new Wiki is now online with technical docs of Ermetix.

Inside the Wiki are available guides, Q&A, examples and references to Apple’s and Android’s Knowledge Bases.

Wiki is integrated with the Ermetix Admin console, use “?” button to have fast access to the releated documentation.

New iOS restrictions

In this release, new restrictions for iOS e iPadOS 14.2 and 14.5, have been supported:

  • Force offline dictation: When this option is on, disables connections to Siri servers for the purposes of dictation
  • Allow unpaired devices to boot in recovery (Supervised only): When this option is off, blocks devices to be booted into recovery by an unpaired device
  • Allow auto unlock with Apple Watch: When this option is off, device can’t be unlocked by the Apple Watch
  • Allow NFC: When this option is off, disallows data transferts via NFC.

Smart Workflows update

Minor changes have affected Smart Workflows.

Dynamic certificates

Smart Workflows’ action list has a new Android item: Install Certificate.

Now it is possibile to specify a certificate URL using wildcard parameters like %serialnumber%.

Trigger on device enrollment

To launch automatically a Smart Workflows’ action, on device enrollment, you can use 2 triggers: Supervised and Enrolled.

Web Lock update

Web Lock payload supports Inactivity timeout to refresh main page option: the maximum seconds of inactivity to refresh back to the main page (0 disables this feature).