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Android Enterprise

Ermetix has implemented a deep integration with Android, also through Google Play Managed and Google Play Protect services, all this result of the multi-year technological partnership between Ermetix and Android, which led our platform to receive validation as “Android Enterprise EMM provider”. In addition to certifying the technological reliability of Ermetix, it also certifies adherence to the most stringent national and international standards in terms of security and privacy.

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Zero Touch

Android Zero-touch and simplified configuration

Mass recording of devices without intervention through Android Enterprise Zero-Touch, QR Code, NFC or EMM Token.

Google Workspace

Synchronize your Google Workspace (GSuite) domain accounts, access services, and import organizational units and users, while also offering the ability to run Single Sign On.

Samsung Knox

Ermetix is a Samsung Knox Validated solution compatible with Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE), Knox Service Plugin (KSP) and supports Knox integrated features such as Remote screen control, APN, Knox Attestation, SIM management.

Ermetix controllo e gestione dei dispositivi mobili

Apple MDM

Adherence to the most stringent national and international standards in terms of security and privacy is also guaranteed on Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS), thanks to the internal expertise and Apple certifications of internal staff that have made Xnoova, and so Ermetix, integral part of the “Apple Consultants Network”.

Notifiche Push

Apple Push Notification Services

Apple device management requires that an Apple Push Certificate be generated, which is renewed annually. The certificate allows you to establish a secure connection between your Apple device and the UEM solution

Apple Deployment Program

Apple Deployment Program

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple Business Manager allow you to automate the registration of Apple devices without intervention massively and to speed up the initial setup.

Volume Purchase Program

Apple Volume Purchase Program

The Volume Purchase Program allows schools and companies to purchase apps and books by volume and distribute them to their users, managed Apple IDs or devices.

Ermetix controllo e gestione dei dispositivi mobili

Microsoft EMM

Ermetix seamlessly integrates with the main Microsoft services: a strong point that translates into maximum simplicity and effectiveness in the management of enrollment phase and in the management and security of Windows-based devices.

Windows AutoPilot

Thanks to the autopilot configuration, the devices can be configured massively and automatically without manual intervention.

Microsoft Store

Maximum freedom in managing licenses and apps through the Microsoft store.

Microsoft Azure

The integration with Azure allows you a simple and authomatic management of users and groups, thus offering the ability to execute Single Sign On.