Google has released developer previews for Android 11 and will push the final release on 10th September 2020.

android 11
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What’s new in Android 11?

New Android Enterprise features on Android 11 could be find here.

For all Android app developers, more info are found at following links:

Changes to COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled) in Android 11

In Android 11, enhancements to the work profile mean IT can confidently extend the same privacy protections to a company-owned device that people have come to expect from the work profile on a personally-owned device.

For IT professionals, new asset management and device-level controls for the work profile can manage and restrict personal use to ensure company assets are compliant with corporate policies. Now in Android 11, IT will have additional control over what the employee can do on the personal side of the device, while not having visibility into how they choose to use the device within those admin-defined restrictions.

Android will automatically migrate work profile on fully managed devices to the improved work profile experience when devices upgrade to Android 11. Work profiles on fully managed devices will not be supported for either existing devices that upgrade to, or new activations on, Android 11.

Other devices currently configured only with Work profiles or COBO are unaffected by these changes.

Additional info on Google’s developer page.

Upgrading to Android 11

Ermetix UEM 3.7 has introduced COPE support and let admins create and manage Work / User Spaces.

If you want to mantains full device management on a COPE devices you only need to remove any Work Space before upgrading to Android 11.
To do this, go on Ermetix Admin > Management > Devices > select the device > Users tab > remove the Work Space.

User Spaces are not affected on a supervised devices.

If you want to manage only the Work Space, admin can upgrade without any additional action.

Note: upgrading to Android 11, if you have a Work profile on fully managed device, management will be migrated only to the Work profile loosing the supervision and the connection of managed Users Spaces.

New features on Android 11’s enhanced Work profile

  • entire device can be Wiped
  • set app whitelist or blacklist on the personal’s device side
  • manage Factory Reset Protection of the device
  • Work profile can’t be removed by the user
  • manage System updates
  • control telephony, connectivity and location OS’s settings
  • manage Hardware like Camera and Bluetooth
  • limit how long work can stay paused
  • Device-wide security logs access

New features for Samsung’s devices

Samsung Knox 3.7, on Android 11, will introduce App Separation, a new KPE Premium feature that create an isolated work area on supervised devices.

This feature allow Samsung’s devices to be configured with a similar environment like Work Spaces on supervised devices (fully managed devices).

Ermetix UEM is an EMM validated by Google and Samsung Knox, it supports:

  • Zero-touch enrollment
  • Android versions 5 to 11
  • Full Device Management
  • Work Profile Management
  • Dedicated (Single Purpose) Device Management (COSU)
  • Corporate-Owned-Personally-Enabled (COPE) Management
  • OEM Device Management (without Google Play Services)



  1. Use a solution like Ermetix UEM that offers Android 11 day-zero support

  2. Check your kind of Android Enterprise management