Ermetix 4.1 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 4.1 now is live. It includes some bug fixes and new features listed below.

New filter presets

Search filters can now be managed into presets. Admins can create common-used and favourite criteria into preset and load them easily when needed.

Filter modal in Ermetix Admin > Management > Devices

Advanced Microsoft Windows management

Starting with release 4, Windows modern and easy management has been supported into Ermetix UEM.

Ermetix 4.1 allows experts to unlock advanced management and a lot of additional settings using:

Profile manager modal in Ermetix Admin > Management > Groups or Devices > create or select an existing profile
Custom Command action in Ermetix Admin > Management > Devices > Actions button

Latest Windows system error messages are now available in the web console for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Errors tab in Ermetix Admin > Management > Devices > select a Windows device

BYOD management for Microsoft Windows

End user can create a “Work” user account onto its own Windows PC and enroll it into the Ermetix UEM management.

Using the “Set as Enrolled” action, admin can set the management as a BYOD scenario.

As a non-supervised device, management will be limited only on the “Work” user account.

Microsoft Autodiscovery support

In order to simplify the enrollment process, admins can now configure Microsoft Autodiscovery also without Azure AD integration.

Admins have to first configure the DNS records and manually verify its owned domains into the Ermetix Admin console.

Manual Discovery in Ermetix Admin > Global Settings > Microsoft

Same-day new OS updates

Ermetix supports iOS, iPadOS, tvOS 16.2 before the public releases of these Operative System updates.