Ermetix 3.8.1 – RELEASE NOTES

Ermetix suite update version 3.8.1 now is live.

Smart Workflows

Ermetix 3.8.1 introduces Smart Workflows: a powerfull and advanced tool that opens MDM to a customizable experience that increase security on mobile devices.

Admins can find a lot of combination choosing from destinations, conditions, actions and scheduling.

Read some ideas to make smarter the device management with Ermetix UEM:

  • If a SIM’s phone number is not property of the company, set Lost Mode
  • If a user goes out from a Geofence area, Play a sound and Lock the device
  • If a user enters inside a Geofence area, switch on a ligth with an IFTTT Webhook, add a tag and install silently a school app
  • If the battery is under 10%, send an email to admins
  • If a user has used Facebook app more that 10 hours a month, delete it
  • If user has added an unauthorized Gmail account, remove it
  • If Passcode is not valid, add tag NOT VALID PASSCODE and add device to a dedicated group (that have a profile with security policies)
  • If a device has no more available space launches a Microsoft Power Automate’s trigger that notifies the user via Microsoft Teams
Smart Workflows under Ermetix Admin > Management

Smart Workflows run server-side and asynchronously, only when devices update their inventory information to the server.

For this reason Workflows run when server and devices interacts with eachothers under an internet connection. If devices are disconnected for internet, workflows will be applied when they connects and come back online.

If devices haven’t spoken with the server for hours, Ermetix UEM pushes a “Refresh info” action at least one time a day, usually in the night. Thanks to Smart Workflows, admins can add additional “Refresh info” action schedules to a group or on the entire fleet of devices.

“Device found” notification

“Fetch location” and “Lost Mode” actions return a temporarely location based on WiFi or GPS. Location can be delivered asynchronously from the device, can be seen on the Ermetix Admin and it is going to be cleaned every 3 days for privacy reason. So, now admins can enable notification and be informed by email, when the device communicates its coordinates.

Android passcode improvements

“Lockscreen time-out” setting (Android)
Admin can now set Lockscreen time-out setting inside profiles.

Passcode payload under Ermetix Admin > Management > Devices or Groups > profile manager view

“Allow Passcode” restriction (Android)
Admin can now restrict devices to have a passcode set inside restrictions.

Restrictions payload under Ermetix Admin > Management > Devices or Groups > profile manager view

New features for non-gms Android devices

Managed Config and Feedbacks support
Managed Config and Feedbacks are now supported also on non-gms devices under Ermetix Admin > Management > Apps & Media > Managed Rules.

COPE support on compatible non-gms devices
Admin can now create Spaces on non-gms devices that are compatible.

Fetch location” action support
GPS localization now works also on non-gms devices.

New features for IFP’s HELGI devices
Admin can now have access to new action and payloads:

  • Simulate “Keypress”
  • Select “Video Source”
  • Apply “Video Settings”
  • Set “Pc Module Power”
  • Standby LCD
  • Set “Volume”
  • Set Passcode, Lock screen, Clear passcode
  • Enable Lostmode
  • Schedule Os Updates
  • Schedule Power Management (Note: can be applied while device is powered on)
Actions menu under Ermetix Admin > Management > Devices
Power Management under Ermetix Admin > Management > Devices or Groups > profile manager view