Android Enterprise have introduced a lot of standards in Android device management.

OEMConfig standard is one of these and it has released last year, extending Android management to the next level. Infact, it allows to apply specific OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) configurations and settings from the Android Enterprise‘s EMM admin panel. 

To get OEMConfig benefits, single manufacturer releases a dedicated app on the Google Play that contains a managed configuration schema.

Example of OEMConfig App approved on Google Play Managed

In the past, EMM vendors had to support every different OEM features with customization and integrations, now OEMConfig concept reduce waste of development times with a flexible and more sustainable solution.

Ermetix MDM currently supports OEMConfig apps released by Samsung, Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Kyocera, Spectralink, Lenovo, Nokia, Unitech, and will support every OEM that uses OEMConfig concept.

These apps can be approved on Google Play Managed and can be set by Managed Config.

Example of managed configurations for OEMConfig for Nokia 7.2

Ermetix MDM is an Android Enterprise EMM solution listed under the Google Enterprise Solutions Directory.

Ermetix MDM is validated bu Google and Samsung Knox, it supports:

  • Zero-touch enrollment
  • Android 5.0 to 11
  • Full Device Management
  • Work Profile Management

Ermetix MDM has a lot of additional features:

  • Easy and friendly User Experience
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment support
  • Advanced Management Sets of features (QR code provisioning, device integrity, certificate management, always-on VPN, system update policy, kiosk, data loss prevention, network and app usage…)
  • Dedicated (Single Purpose) Device Management (COSU)
  • Corporate-Owned Personally-Enabled (COPE) Management
  • OEM Device Management (no Google Play Services needed)
  • Advanced scheduling options (time schedule, wifi on range, public ip, geofence)
  • Distinctive Educational Classroom tools

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