Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) plays an important role in managing and securing devices for corporate use.

It not only empowers a modern workforce with more flexibility and enhanced productivity, but also enables company IT admins to effortlessly manage, control, and secure enterprise devices and corporate information on all devices. The core requirement for a successful enterprise mobility system is to provide faultless security for the device, corporate data and enterprise apps, operating system updates, bulk deployment, and a 360 degree device management experience across all deployment and operating systems.

Google’s Android Enterprise launched Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) to facilitate enterprises to confidently choose, deploy, and manage Google validated Android devices, best suited to their business needs.

How Android Enterprise Recommended Program works?

Approved Devices
There’s a wide range of Android devices in all the market, including independent hardware manufacturers, that made it difficult to identify the ones that clould fit enterprise’s needs.

You can choose from a range of approved devices by comparing their features. Vendors are partnered and tutored by Google to meet complex enterprise requirements.

Zero-touch enrollment helps you consistently deploy and support a bulk of Android devices at scale saving you time and human effort.

Regular Updates
This program ensures devices are updated regularly with security patches and latest Android features.

Android Enterprise Recommended raises standards for enterprise-level devices and also tackles the problem of inconsistencies because of different Android OS versions and device manufacturers.

Rugged Devices
Android Enterprise Recommended supports rugged devices like POS and warehouse’s terminals, too.

Why is Android Enterprise so important?

To eliminate fragmentation, listed MDM vendors are validated by Google and have guaranteed levels of support for device and app management.  

Ermetix MDM is one of this solutions validated as an Android EMM solution and is listed in the Android Enterprise Solutions Directory and it is Samsung Knox Validated, too.

Ermetix MDM is validated to supports:

  • Zero-touch enrollment
  • Android 5.0 to 11
  • Full Device Management
  • Work Profile Management

Ermetix MDM has a lot of additional features:

  • Easy and friendly User Experience
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment support
  • Advanced Management Sets of features (QR code provisioning, device integrity, certificate management, always-on VPN, system update policy, kiosk, data loss prevention, network and app usage…)
  • Dedicated (Single Purpose) Device Management (COSU)
  • Corporate-Owned Personally-Enabled (COPE) Management
  • OEM Device Management (no Google Play Services needed)
  • Advanced scheduling options (time schedule, wifi on range, public ip, geofence)
  • Distinctive Educational Classroom tools