Android Enterprise

The world’s most popular mobile platform, built for business


Mobile computing is a key success factor in adapting and competing in the digital economy. Mobile-driven digital transformation can help employees be productive, and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

However, getting there can be a challenge. Upfront costs may be prohibitive for many businesses, and implementing the right management and security frameworks can be daunting.

Android can create a mobile, connected workforce capable of working more securely, efficiently, and smarter.

Ermetix has implemented a deep integration with Android, also through Google Play Managed and Google Play Protect services, all this result of the multi-year technological partnership between Ermetix and Android, which led our platform to receive validation as an “Android Enterprise EMM provider”.

In addition to certifying the technological reliability of Ermetix, it also certifies adherence to the most stringent national and international standards in terms of security and privacy.

The Android difference

Only Android, with its global and diverse device ecosystem and leading platform capabilities, can power a connected workforce capable of delivering true digital transformation.

Android is defining the future of a digital enterprise.

Its advanced machine learning helps provide the most robust security protections. Its unique approach to device management offers flexible options for IT and employees.

Security: backed by Google intelligence

Powerful platform security is built into every Android device, with multiple layers of protection:

  • Secure hardware runs privileged and security-sensitive operations – such as PIN verification and key management – enabling verified boot and guaranteeing device integrity
  • At the OS layer, industry-leading security technologies keep data safe through app sandboxing, exploit mitigation, and device encryption
  • Google Play Protect is the world’s largest mobile threat detection system. It continuously scans each device and verifies over 50 billion apps every day, utilizing machine learning to identify and block harmful apps
  • Android Enterprise management APIs allow IT to enforce policy controls across their device fleet.

Management: Comprehensive
and innovative device management options

Android offers flexible and innovative management capabilities. With a single, consistent management framework for every company- and employee-owned device, it’s simple for IT to maintain control of their corporate data and apps.

Android Enterprise supports a range of use cases, enabled by an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider.

For employee-owned devices, Android redefines the approach to BYOD with a unique work profile that separates corporate and personal data. The work profile allows IT to balance compliance requirements with an optimal user experience, and employees can maintain personal privacy without compromising on productivity. For company-owned devices, Android supports business-only, dedicated devices, and personally-enabled use cases.

Android Enterprise offers multiple deployment methods. Zero-touch enrollment is a fast and seamless way to get devices into employees’ hands, particularly with large-scale deployments.

Managed Google Play offers access to over one million apps, providing a familiar user interface as well as seamless integration with major EMM providers. IT admins can securely distribute and remotely configure private applications, as well as public ones. They can also create and curate an app store for their business directly in Play, combining control over app availability with an intuitive experience for employees.

Android Enterprise: Built for Business

Choice: devices for every business

The business use smartphone market has seen tremendous growth over the last decade, and it is heavily influenced by the consumer smartphone market. Enterprise organizations continue to dedicate significant portions of IT spending toward mobility to make their employees more productive, and in turn, employees expect to use the device of their choice.

Android offers the world’s broadest device ecosystem, with over 400 manufacturers globally.

Only Android provides a platform that can work for all device types, from premium smartphones to ruggedized tablets to dedicated kiosks. This breadth of choice means businesses can find a solution tailored to their needs and budget, reducing complexity and costs.

Android Enterprise Recommended makes it simple for businesses to confidently select, deploy and manage.

Innovation: powering next-gen use cases

Android is at the leading edge of mobile innovation, and businesses are using Android as a platform for innovation themselves, building next-generation experiences for employees and customers through custom apps and bespoke device solutions. For example:

  • Architects and designers can help their clients visualize results using Daydream virtual reality
  • Field technicians can get real-time status updates on equipment maintenance using Google’s augmented reality SDK: ARCore
  • Sales teams can be more productive on the go, with voice access to their CRM using DialogFlow
  • Android can even help pest controllers identify the correct course of action for an insect recognized via on-device machine learning (no network coverage required!) using TensorflowLite and MLKit

Balancing user benefits with IT requirements

Android gives employees a best-in-class mobile productivity experience with thoughtful tools for maintaining privacy and work-life balance. On employee-owned devices, the work profile gives peace of mind that IT can’t access personal content.

Turn Off Work mode ensures workers can easily disconnect when they need to. The work experience builds upon the familiar Android interface.


Android is the only mobile platform that can connect every worker from the boardroom to the factory floor. It provides unique and innovative capabilities which enable employees to use their smartphones for both work and personal tasks and offers a range of device solutions for specific and dedicated use cases. All this while ensuring seamless and comprehensive device management and security for IT teams.

The true value of mobility is delivered by what the device can do – providing the apps and functionality that a business needs. As the world’s largest distribution platform, Google Play offers over a million apps including all those required by the enterprise.

Android provides a powerful, secure platform, and is at the forefront of mobile innovation, offering exciting possibilities for businesses, like Uber, now and in the future.

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